Press Conference Announcement 4-8-20

Press Conference Announcement concerning the new homeless tent community in downtown St. Louis that has arisen as a result of the corona-virus.

Today (Wednesday, April 8, 2020) at 2:30 pm at the corner of Tucker and Market Streets, on the eastern edge of the new four block homeless tent community, Pastors Larry Rice, Ray Redlich, and Mark Glenn will hold a press conference.

At the press conference they will be responding to the negative comments made yesterday by Mayor Lyda Krewson concerning the homeless tent community.  Her comments condemn the efforts of volunteers who are giving tents to the homeless in order that they may be able to have a place to self-quarantine during the COVID-19 crisis.

It will be emphasized at the press conference that Mayor Krewson, instead of condemning these efforts, should be supporting New Life Evangelistic Center’s endeavor to get downtown hotel owners to make their empty rooms available at discounted rates to be used by the homeless until May 31, 2020.  Grocery stores, hospitals, and other businesses that are profiting during this crisis are being encouraged to donate towards this cause like they are doing in Springfield, Missouri where over 100 homeless people have been put into hotels. This campaign to place the homeless in vacant hotel rooms also provides employment for hotel workers who are now laid off.

Also, at the press conference, the pastors will once again be calling upon Mayor Krewson to get behind NLEC’s efforts to reopen 1411 Locust as a day center so that the downtown homeless will have a place to shower, do their laundry, get meals and rest. 

As Krewson sets the stage with her negative comments to drive the homeless out of their tents on Market Street, Pastors Rice, Redlich and Glenn will be explaining the efforts of the New Life Evangelistic Center first responders to get the homeless showing symptoms of the coronavirus into the hospital as New Life distributes food, water, hand sanitizer, masks and other emergency supplies to those who have no home.

For further information call (314) 421-3020.