Self-Employment Program

Vocational Training Centers for Young Women

NLEC India provides three vocational training centers for young village girls and young widows.  Literacy, hygiene and moral training is administered along with classes teaching women how to sew clothes, do embroidery work, make soft toys and handbags, knit, and paint pots.  In addition, village women are also taught to read and write.

The program lasts for 9 months. The program mainly aims to rehabilitate girls from prostitution.

Once a woman has successfully completed this program she is encouraged to return to her community and share her newly acquired knowledge and skills. Pastor Paparao Yelchuri, who played a major role in the establishment of this institute, readily acknowledges that in India women are treated as second-class citizens. He also related that the Indian woman is seen as someone whose primary role in life is to bear children and look after the home. At the institute, however, these women receive much love and attention and come to understand the principle of equality between men and women, which greatly enhances their self-esteem.

When these once beaten down women return to their villages, they have a positive effect on their entire communities. These trained women bring back new ideas about health, hygiene and are vocal proponents about the importance of educating children. This program has given “life” to over 5,000 previously downtrodden and disadvantaged women who, with this practical training and a little encouragement, have become leaders in their villages and have helped to increase the quality of life for many others.

Please give serious consideration to giving to this program so NLEC India can continue to help these women better their own lives and many others as well.

Employment Opportunities for Families

NLEC India also provides a self-employment program that focuses on equipping poor families with tricycles (a popular local means of transportation for persons and goods). These families thereby are able to earn a small income for food and basic needs.

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