Free Education Program

Emergency Situation:  Due to declining donations toward the programs in India, Rev. Paparao was forced to close 10 schools that serve the children of homeless, low-income or untouchable families.  Currently, 15 schools are still open where more than 6000 children are receiving free education from LKG (preschool) to 10th grade standard.  Please help these children receive an education that will help them toward a better life than the one they are currently living.

Free Education Program

NLEC India started with one small school, which housed 17 children. Since that humble beginning, the number of schools Pastor Paparao has built, all with donated funds, has grown to 25. These 25 schools are now an “education home” to more than 10,000 children who come from the poorest of the poor. This life-giving education is free to each student.

In addition to building these schools, NLEC India must pay hundreds of well-trained and qualified teachers who teach a variety of subjects, including English.  If these “free” schools were not provided, these these disadvantaged children would receive no education at all, thus extending the vicious cycle of extreme poverty.  Fifty-nine million Indian children between the ages of 6 to 14 do not attend school and thus receive no education.  Despite many promises by the Indian government, education in this country is far from a priority.  Statistics show that India is home to 13 million child laborers and at least 18 million street children.

NLEC India has a stated goal of establishing 100 schools, which will educate at least 25,000 children.  Let no child be “left behind” by giving to this most worthy ministry.

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Dedicated teachers serve for a salary of only $100 (USD) per month. They graciously volunteer the remainder of their teaching time. A cheap apartment rents for about $100 (USD) per month, so many teachers rent an apartment as a group. This leaves very little for food and other necessities. Your support would make a huge difference in the life of a dedicated teacher.  Choose the Missions Donations category to the right to help now.