2019 | A Year in Review

My Dear Friends,           Your compassion and generosity have helped thousands of people free themselves from suffering caused by hunger and homelessness not only throughout mid-America, but around the world!           Because of you, previously homeless individuals and families are […]

My Dear Friends,

          Your compassion and generosity have helped thousands of people free themselves from suffering caused by hunger and homelessness not only throughout mid-America, but around the world!

          Because of you, previously homeless individuals and families are enjoying opportunities we daily take for granted.  These include food to eat, a place to sleep, transportation, medical assistance among others.  Your partnership with New Life Evangelistic Center allows us to be there when people are hurting, through the love of Jesus Christ, 365 days a year.

          Your year-end or New Year’s, tax deductible gift, can make the critical difference in this new year of 2020.  The continued partnership of caring people like you means that New Life will be able to move ahead, directly providing emergency assistance to those in need, as it works to find ways to put your generosity to work with the greatest impact and cost-effectiveness possible.  The NLEC Staff and I understand the trust that goes into your financial partnership, and we are committed to being good stewards of your gifts.

          Because of your faithful support Sharleen is no longer being bitten by bugs as she sleeps next to her wheelchair outside.  Nancy has not died homeless with a liver disease.  Sixty-four-year-old Janice no longer sleeps in her electric wheelchair at the Hampton Loop.  Michael and Vanessa are not homeless on the streets but are now serving God as they live in their own apartment.

          The list of lives you have directly helped through your support of New Life Evangelistic Center goes on and on.  Just this year alone 25,000 bus tickets have been provided to the homeless, making NLEC one of the largest transportation assistance centers in the Midwest.  Because of your generosity the homeless and hurting have been able to get to their doctor’s appointments, seek employment, housing, and take the necessary steps to break the cycle of homelessness in their lives.

          Your partnership has made it possible for New Life Evangelistic Center to open a wide range of safe houses for women and children, as it provides additional residency and training programs for homeless families, men and women.

          Every dollar you have shared with NLEC has provided three dollars of direct assistance this year.  This is possible because of New Life’s dedicated team of volunteers and trainees. 

          Your support has enabled New Life Evangelistic Center to provide for upwards of 150 homeless individuals daily at its center at 806 N. Jefferson in Springfield.  Homeless families like Quenton, Rosemary, and their two children, John, Philip and others are no longer living outside but are now serving God as part of the NLEC Staff.

          Then there are the on the job training programs in Marshfield, New Bloomfield, Potosi, Columbia, and House Springs, Missouri.  At these locations, previously homeless individuals are learning everything from radio, renewable energy, livestock production, television broadcasting, shelter outreach, free store operations and much more.  Your prayers and gifts have made all this possible.

          As we move into the New Year of 2020, your partnership is more critical than ever before.  Not only is New Life Evangelistic Center facing unprecedented opportunities but also challenges that require the prayers of those who know that with God all things are possible.

          An initiative petition drive has been launched to take directly to the voters in the city of St. Louis the reopening of 1411 Locust.  At the same time this is happening, New Life is sheltering more and more women who are broken physically, mentally and spiritually, not only in its safe houses but in local motels. 

          New Life Evangelistic Center is the place that growing numbers of hurting and homeless are turning to throughout Mid-America, as well as India, Africa and Haiti.  In India NLEC provides education for 6000 needy students, housing for 200 orphans, feeding programs and more.

          Presently with all the needs that New Life Evangelistic Center is facing it is costing upwards of $10,000 a day to operate.  Each day in 2019, God has provided a miracle through saints like you to meet these needs.  This is no time to doubt that He can do the same in the New Year as He works through faithful partners like you.

          On 1/20/20 New Life Evangelistic Center will have provided for hundreds of thousands of hurting and homeless people for forty-eight years.  It has so impacted for good the State of Missouri that during this past year, over forty cubic feet of historical records and documents from the New Life Evangelistic Center have been requested by the Missouri Historical Society.  They are preserving these in their archives for future generations.  For further information go to www.shsmo.org.

          I am deeply humbled by all the great things I am seeing God do because of your prayers and partnership.  As some of you know I will be turning 71 on 1/20/20.  Although I am in excellent health and have no intention on retiring until the day the Lord calls me home, He now has my 23-year-old grandson, Chris Aaron Rice, in training to carry on the work of NLEC when that day arrives.

          Chris Aaron, who was ordained in February is married. He and his wife, Irene are now the proud parents of their first child, Abby Grace Rice.  Chris Aaron along with my son Chris manage the largest day shelter for the homeless in Southwestern Missouri and Northwestern Arkansas.  This NLEC Outreach center is located at 806 North Jefferson in Springfield, Missouri.

          Please continue to keep Chris Aaron and all the New Life Staff in your prayers.  Daily we praise God for His miracles in the past as we move forth by faith into further service in the future.

          With your faithful support we can continue to rescue, empower and train the homeless through the direction and love of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ.

          It is not possible for this letter to share all the ways God is using your partnership to do so much good in the lives of the hurting and homeless.  Since the majority of these individuals often have nowhere else to turn, God is working through you to be an answer to their prayers.

          Thank you for letting the love of God flow through you.  May He truly bless you and your family in a mighty way in the New Year.  Thank you again for being a partner in the dynamic life changing work of New Life Evangelistic Center.

          Yours in Christ,

          Larry Rice

P.S. It is your commitment, generosity, and prayers that have made it possible for NLEC to be there when people are hurting.  Your continued support of New Life Evangelistic Center is vital if we are to continue the successes you have helped make possible.  So please be as generous as you can be in sending your tax-deductible year-end or New Year’s contribution today.  In addition to your financial gifts, stocks, bonds, and even houses, to house the homeless are all deeply appreciated.  Thank you again for caring and sharing.